Ambiente sonoro para ONIRICAL FLUCTUATIONS de Anaisa Franco.

El Jueves 27 de Junio realizaremos un Open Studio en el ZKU -Center for art and Urbanistics- de Berlin, durante el cual, la artista visual Anaisa Franco, presentará un work in progress de su trabajo “Onirical Fluctuations” en el que tengo el placer de colaborar junto con Paula Reis.

onirical fluct2

Allí mostraremos algunas piezas, todavía en proceso.

Esculturas de base efímera en torno a sueños y ambientes oníricos sugeridos por personas ajenas al proyecto.

Mi labor consiste en ambientar sonoramente la parte escultural de cada pieza y estoy trabajando con texturas y oscilaciones de sintetizadores con la idea final de separar distintos canales que completen una sensación tridimensional y onírica solamente disfrutable presencialmente.

Onirical fluctuations

Os dejo información.

El texto es de la comisaria Paz Pérez-Ponce.

Onirical Fluctuations collects and transforms people’s dreams into digital material presented inside several ephemeral interfaces developed specifically for this project. The project aims at creating an onirical atmosphere where the collected dream narrations will be translated and presented to the audience by mixing animations, sounds and ephemeral materials.

In this interdisciplinary project, Anaisa Franco is working together with the musicians Paula Reis and Fernando Epelde – who are producing the audio spatial design inspired specifically by each dream.

Many other artists before have tried to translate in artistic terms the creative formula of the unconscious. Alongside the scientific discoveries about the human psyche – from the Psychoanalysis of Freud, to Jung and Deleuze; scientific explanations in the field of neurobiology of dreams to quantum physics; technology has played a significant role in exploring and visualizing the ways in which dreams are shaped in our minds.


From the early experimental cinematic experiences of Meliés or Dalí to Eija – Liisa Ahtila or Janet Cardiff, dreams and the ways in which they are articulated through narration has been subjected to deep artistic fascination.

Onirical Fluctuations is an extension of Franco’s artistic investigation, where she continues to search for chemistry between materials interconnecting the physical with the digital in form of electronic sculptures. Using concepts of psychology and dreams, she provides an imagination and feelings for the sculptures, exploring the unconscious mind through out the development of particular interfaces.

In this site-specific installation, Anaisa Franco creates a kind of “dream orchestra”, filling the space with animation, sound environment and volatile materials. This dreamy atmosphere plunges the viewer into a parallel reality, mimicking the way our unconscious operates while we sleep. The dream is a language that has its own rules, where time perception is experienced as something elastic, relative and very subjective, leaving the spectator no way to scape.

Text by Paz Ponce




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